IT Consultancy, Web Design, Web Delivery


I would expect that our first level of discussion will identify your requirements, goals and target successes.

Depending upon your necessity the follow on interface can change to
accommodate your individual requirements and needs.
This will depend upon the specific function under review or target to achieve, but together we will identify them and create a solution to deliver.
I have a varied and extensive career in the IT industry, ranging from a large family business, to multi-national corporations.

My background includes, programming; client support; systems analysis; solution design; purchasing; support; marketing; testing; sales; education; management; training; business development; business continuity; solution efficiency; consultancy and business strategy:

The organisations I have worked with includes financial institutions, local and national government, heavy industry, leisure industry, communications and of course IT companies. Again not definitive but here are some examples, Lloyds TSB; RBS; FSA; MOD; Education Department; Home Office; ONS; British Steel; Swan Hunter; Bass Charringtons; Asda; WH Smiths; Microsoft; Cable & Wireless; Oracle; Fujitsu; Bell Atlantic and Bell South:


Conversation is key!

Discussion creates diversity and distinction.